17 Sep | Thursday
13:00 (CET)
Zoom Webinar
Organized by Fruit-Inform
Blueberries in Eastern Europe
International Webinar
Long-term blueberry market outlook for the Eastern Europe
Presenting the results of unique study covering 75% of commercial blueberry production in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia
The study conducted by Fruit-Inform has shown that blueberry production rates will continue to grow in the Eastern Europe in the next 5 years! Ukraine is the Eastern European leader in the blueberry business, with areas expanding by 43% annually in 2016-2019, Meanwhile, Belarus will lead in investments in blueberry handling technologies in the next five years, and areas in Russia will at least triple over the same period!
Blueberries in the three countries could be a far cry in prices and quality
Expanding area doesn't mean increasing profits
Promising marketing channels for the Eastern European countries
The most expensive fresh berry category over past years
Connecting growers, traders, input and equipment suppliers
Taras Bashtannyk
Director, Ukrainian Berry
A Ukrainian bluenerry grower in 2020-2025: key development strategies and export directions
Oleg Bosyy
Managing Partner, FruiTech
Technological basis of blueberry production in the Eastern Europe - how are technologies changing the sector?
Adam Paradowski
Chairman of the Board, Plantpress
Poland in the EU blueberry market: current trends and 5-year outlook
Andriy Yarmak
Investment Officer, FAO
The global blueberry market: key hidden rocks and unforeseen trends expected in the next 5 years
Ievgen Kuzin
Analyst, Fruit-Inform
What is the blueberry market in Eastern Europe now, and what is expected by 2025?
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