The Ukrainian apple, vegetable & potato production and price forecast for the season 2020/21
Fruit-Inform's annual study of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable sector with the results of the outgoing season and the most probable scenario of the upcoming one.

Each time the study helps market players take more balanced decisions, reduce financial risks and have a broader view on the market situation.
General Partner of the study
Яблука Картопля Морковь Капуста Буряк Цибуля
Analysis of key events of the season 2019/20 and expected trends in the season 2020/21
Overview of the season's peculiarities and their influence on the pace of developments
Production and price forecast for the season-2020/21
Forecast of production of each crop for the next season and prices in April 2021 with additional data history
Supply and demand balances
Detailed supply and demand balances for each crop over the past 5 years and a forecast for the season 2020/21
Clickable tables with production, export and import data for each crop
Regular contacts with each link of the fruit and vegetable supply chain enables to assess the situation in more details.

This is a huge data package, and that is exactly why we can draw precise conclusions year by year.
Survey of farmers
We conduct a detailed survey of farmers by phone and ask them about their plans for the following season: extension or reduction of areas; planned investments; problems and their solutions etc.
The survey is confidential: answers are anonymized. As we communicate with fruit and vegetable growers every day, we can survey about 350 companies for the study. Many of them participate over a number of years.
Survey of producers of seeds and plants
Our 16-year history enables us to have close contacts with the majority of companies that supply seeds and plants. They share with us their year-on-year sales performance data and insights of changes in the demand for each crop. Communiation is strictly confidential but helps us assess prospects of each segment in more details.
Survey of input and equipment suppliers
Survey of these companies helps estimate quality of the future harvest and share of value-added products. Communication is also confidential, and only general trends are taken into account.
Production, export and import statistics
We process data of state statistics (production, imports and exports of each crop) and make our own assessment.
Analysis of received data
We analyze obtained results and do fact-checking. Having proved their accuracy, our analysts:
  • draw supply and demand balances in details: stocks, production, consumption, exports, imports etc.;
  • summarize the previous season;
  • identify trends and assess their influence;
  • find new factors, which can change the situation and assess their strength;
  • describe the most probable scenario of developments.
We double check everything again from the start of calculations to final conclusions and study whether everything is taken into account and assessed correctly.
Base cost

200 - information on one crop
  • the study in a PDF-format with production and price forecast for the season 2020/21;
  • clickable tables with production, export and import data;
  • re-estimation in autumn 2020, depending on weather conditions in summer.
How to order
Study results
At first, you receive three files: main part with resutls and forecasts, clickable tables with detailed data and contacts.
In autumn we send re-estimation of forecasts, depending on weather conditions in summer and market developments.
To order the study, please send us the details of your company to issue the invoice. Please feel free to contact us by phone or via email if you have any additional questions.
Our contacts
Usually it takes us less than one working day to prepare the invoice and send it to you via email. Averagely SWIFT payments reach our bank account within another two-three days.
When the payment is confirmed, we will immediately send you the study via email.
Ievgen Kuzin
+380 96 5836323,

Oleksandra Manko
+380 96 4337857,

Oleksandr Khorev
+380 67 6343980,
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